In some 40 miles distance to Burkina Faso, on Mali's south border rises the massive Dogon Plateau, home to the Dogon population group and on UNESCO's world heritage list. (more at Wikipedia).

Nestled at the bottom of such a sandstone cliff, lies the little village of Ende. Motivated and supported by their mayor and by Boubacar Guindo,the official regional tour guide and Ende native, the villagers have purchased a one hectare lot from the community for crops.

Since the millet harvest, the main local staple, has suffered a serie of failures in recent years the people from Ende intend to enrich and increase the variety of their food by planting mango, papapaya, figs, lettuce, onions and tomatoes.

For this purpose they founded the association Guinékanda, the Dogon word for development, officially denomitated in the community of Kani-Bonzon as follows:
(Recepisse No. 09-015 P-CBS – vu la loi 04-038 aout 2004).

One of the first steps is to keep out vermins especially small predators from feeding on these crops by protecting them with a fence, possibly even drilling a water well at a later point in time since the women of Ende still transport all water for the plants in perforated kalabasa balanced on their heads.

Anyone interested in supporting the people from Ende can do so with a donation to:

Boukary Guindo
Banque Nationale de Developpement Agricole (BNDA) a Mopti/Sevaré
Numero de Client : 05011845
Numero de Compte 500201205243
Swift Code : BNAD ML BA
Republique du Mali

For further details and background please call Mr. Boubacar directly, his mobile phone number is: (00223) 79 25 98 84.
He speaks french. If you can't reach him right away, please try again since he not available around the clock.

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